Saturday, 28 May 2011

Send Fancy Purse to Pakistan

Send Fancy Purse to Pakistan

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Send Blue Shirt & Tie as Gift to Pakistan

Blue Shirt & Tie

A Blue Cotton Dress Shirt Along With A Suiting Tie To Give You A Nice & Corporate Look And Feel. We will try our best to provider you same product as shown in the picture.

Send Children Toys to Pakistan as Child Gifts

Children Toy as Gift to Pakistan

We will try our best to provide your similar product as shown in the picture.
A wide variety of Children Toys can be sent to as a gift to Pakistan through our Sentiments services in Pakistan. We also careful about the Quality and Material for the safety of Child's health n growth. 

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Read the Sufism Book Kashful majoob written by Hazrat Ali Hajveree(R.A)

The book is one of the earliest scripts about Tasawwuf. The author, Sayyad Ali ibn Uthman Hajveri, commonly known as “Data Ganj Bakhsh” in South Asia, was one of the greatest Sufi sheikhs of Indian subcontinent. He was born in Ghazna (present day Afghanistan) and migrated to Lahore (Pakistan) by the order of his sheikh.
This book is the most famous work of the author, and is considered one of the classical books on Sufism, read by many as a text book of the ancient Sufism. It describes and discusses Sufi methods and doctrines of the past. Short biographies of famous Sahaba, Ahl-e-Bayt, Tabaeen and other sufi sheikhs cover most part of the book. These biographies describe the Sufic attributes of their lives, and shows how the Sufism evolved through the first centuries.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Send Fathers Birthday Special Gift to Pakistan

Especially designed for the love of Fathers for the special birthday gift
1 Tie and Dress Shirt set 
1 Parker Pen Set (2 Pens) made in china
24 Fresh Roses (alternate gifts for far areas)
1 Fresh Cake and Birthday Card (alternate gifts for far areas)

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Let Him remember this gift on every year this day